Classroom Impact Grants

PET Awards $22,000 in Classroom Impact Grants!

Congratulations to each of the 2016-2017 Classroom Impact Grant recipients representing all grade levels and numerous schools within the Douglas County School System. Classroom Impact Grants promote creative and innovative ideas in and out of the classroom that directly impact student learning. Pictures of grant recipients can be found in the Gallery.


High School Awards

Alexander High School: Stand Up for Success, Miranda Combs

H.A.V.E.N. Academy: MathCraftEdu, Lisa Levy, David Brown, Brava McGraw, Jacob Camp   

Chapel Hill High School: Vocal Microphones, Violet Pledger
Foreign Language Headsets, Susie Munday, Tina Bryson, Christina Corcorran, Steve Schwedel 

Douglas County High School: Writing In, On, and Around the Words: A Reading Enrichment Project, Kim Boehman     

Middle School Awards

Chapel Hill Middle School: Scholastic StoryWorks in the Middle School Language Department, Patricia Poltzer, Lynn Willis, Taiwana Walker, Whitney Whitfield

Mason Creek Middle School: RA-LIN STEM Classroom Impact Grant,  Wolves using STEM Robotics: Part II, Michelle Draper  

Stewart Middle School: Thornton Road Hyundai Classroom Impact Grant  ,Books, Boys and Beyond: Take Three, Heather Deal

Turner Middle School: Lit Fit!   April Olorunfemi

Yeager Middle School: Yeager Mustang News Network, Stephanie McFall

Elementary School Awards

Arbor Station Elementary SchoolGeorgia Studies Weekly Subscription, Lisa Crow, Laura Stamps      Tracey Pirkle

Jeff Field & Associates/Attorneys at Law Classroom Impact Grant, Arbor Station Science and Engineering Crew: Thomas Bruno, Betina Gillham, Cam Crumbley

First Grade Weekly Magazine: Pamela Cooper, Brady Cook,  Lauren Cook, Kim Talbot, Kim Weathington

Color Theory and Chemical Reactions:  Katie Callan

Ford’s Theater Oratory Group, Thomas Brune, Cate Flanagan, Laura Stamps

Let’s Find Out! Cross-Curricular Enrichment: Debbie LIndeman, Sherrie Cloud, Tarjatta Rose, Lani Wriht, Kelly Talbot

Mr. Bruno’s Crew of Readers: Thomas Bruno

Beulah Elementary School: Ciencias Cybernetica (Cyber Science), Vivian Chaij,  Tracy Moore

Bill Arp Elementary School: DeNyse Companies Classroom Impact Grant, Express Yourself!    Heather Guger

Bright Star Elementary:  Creating, Constructing and Collaborating…Science at Its Best! Tammy Smith, Kelda Brewer, Cameron Sheldon,Carman Segura’, Lisa Golden   

Dorsett Shoals Elementary School: Significant Software, JillFarnan, Lynn Chabayta, Patti Crawford, Donna Pennington

DSES Traverse Climbing Wall: Nick Epstein

Moby Scoots: Tabitha Brown, Valerie McWhorter, Delaine Watts, Ashley Courson

Mirrors & Windows: We Need More Diverse Books, Tracy Scaglione

Eastside Elementary School: R.K. Redding Construction Classroom Impact Grant, Swinging for Success!   Jennifer Lanno

Factory Shoals Elementary School: Developing an Early Love for Reading, Hannah Siler

Holly Springs ElementaryWriting with Lucy, Cindy Buff, Katie Pelletier, Rachel Blackwell

Checkmate Education: Chess Club and Camp, Angela Wilder,  Larinda Procuro,  Meghan Rathel, Rachel Blackwell

Buzz into Programmable Learning with BeeBots, Rachel Blackwell

Lithia Springs Elementary School: Classroom/Community Drumming Circle, Kimberly Stovall, Ethan Dennis

New Manchester Elementary School: Math Manipulatives and Common Core: Part 2, Kristen Walden, Merian Johnson, Dianne Gregg, Rita Harris, Trina Hill, Sonya Brown, Tiffeny Sharpton 

Sweetwater Elementary SchoolReading Role Play: Reader’s Theater,  Tameka Scott, Kanesha Howard, Lea McMurdo, Shiquita Relliford, Amber Akers, Chris Boberg

Hand’s on Reading: It’s in the Bag, Leigh Ann Fite, Tameka Scott  Amanda Kirk

PET Announces 2015-2016 Mini-Grant Recipients

PET’s 2015-2016 Classroom Initiative Mini-Grant recipients were recently announced and represent Douglas County Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. Over $17,000 was awarded through 32 initiatives. Please see the Gallery on this website for pictures of Mini-Grant recipients who were present at the April 22, 2015 Recognition Reception.

The Douglas County Public Education Trust, Inc. (PET) is proud to offer the Douglas County School System teachers with mini-grants to help impact the academic achievements of Douglas County students. PET provides funding for individual teachers, grade or subject level teams or schools to implement innovative ideas in classrooms.

If you are a DCSS teacher with an idea for a special project or activity, apply for a PET funded mini-grant to put your idea into action!

Click here to view our 2014 Mini-Grant Workshop video for information about applying for a grant.