PET’s mission is to generate, monitor and dispense funds; to provide financial support to programs for enrichment; and to encourage, recognize and reward excellence in the students and staff of the Douglas County School System. 

PET fulfills its mission by raising money for Classroom Impact Grants, occasional restricted grants, scholarships, and honorariums.

Classroom Impact Grants

Through Classroom Impact Grants awarded on a competitive basis to teachers at all grade levels, PET makes it possible to offer programs, projects, equipment, and enrichment opportunities that are not available through state funds alone. Grants promote creative and innovative ideas in and out of the classroom that directly impact student learning.

Restricted Grants

PET awards occasional restricted grants to teachers and programs in addition to Classroom Impact Grants. For the second year in a row, PET has awarded $5,000 to Assistive Technology, made possible through the John and Mary Franklin Foundation. Assistive Technology purchased numerous iPads for students with sight, hearing, and orthopedic challenges, and a remote monitoring station for the iPads.


PET administers numerous scholarships annually for high school seniors planning to continue their education at the post-secondary level.


Since 1996, PET has awarded each school’s Teacher of the Year a $100 honorarium, More recently, PET has begun supporting the Counselor of the Year program. Additionally, honorariums are given if a teacher, counselor, principal or assistant principal receives national recognition by his or her respective accredited professional organization.