Read how PET funds have made a difference in the Douglas County School System.

“Lessons help students address personal/social issues or concerns, so that they can better focus on academics.”
– Tangelia Thompson, Stewart Middle School
“Medal of Honor is a reward system to help students strive for better character along with academic success. Students will set goals and be given several opportunities to receive tags to hand from their ‘dog tag’ chain for their success!”
– Pamela Kingston, Mason Creek Elementary School
“Thank you for these amazing grants. Students find interactive computer games engaging and exciting. These programs will give students an opportunity to practice reading and math skills using our new technology.”
– Donna Pennigton, Dorsett Shoals Elementary School
“This grant will help support our lower-level readers. We have kids coming into middle school reading well below grade-level and our media center has very few books with middle school themes and middle school content. I can’t wait to get these age appropriate books in their hands.”
– Heather Deal, Stewart Middle School
“Movement has been linked to learning and I expect students to be more focused when they can move in their seats on exercise balls. Brain theory suggests that when our bodies are engaged, then or brains are too. Exercise balls are fun and therapeutic tools for a kindergarten class.”
– Jeannie McDougla
“Receiving your gift and the honor of being recognized as the 2013-2014 Counselor of the Year is humbling. Thank you for honoring and recognizing the educators on the peripheral who share the responsibility of ensuring the academic and social growth of our children.”
– Lisa Broadhead